Hello there...

Where to begin? I guess a pretty easy start would be my name - so here goes nothing! Hi! I'm Alina!

I'm 31 years old (wow that looks a lot older when it's written down somewhere) and live just outside NYC with my boyfriend and furry dog baby, Lilly. You'll get to know those two pretty well also, so don't worry, more on them to come!

I work in the wonderful world of corporate finance (ugh...) and even though it's a desk job where I crunch numbers all day long, my work family is the absolute best and keeps me coming back day after day.  I honestly couldn't have asked for a better group of coworkers.

I'm imperfect in every way.  I love sweat pants and stilettos, peanut butter (obviously) and champagne, hitting the gym hard and stuffing my face with pizza not 5 hours later (did that last night - no joke).  I'm just the everyday girl who wants to share her love for clothes and food and hopefully show that not everyone out there posting away is a super model, with a photographer husband and glam squad at their fingertips. I write how I talk (my sister who teaches high school English is probably cringing right now. Sorry sis, I'll let you proofread going forward), and I make no apologies for who I am.

This also isn't my first stab at the blogging world, I had another blog I parted with 5 + years ago, called Hedge Funds and High Heels. It was my first go of every putting myself out there and even though I barely nicked the tip of the blogging world and social media outlets, I still feel like I had some impact, even if it was just to a few random readers out there.

Blogging is truly freeing. It gives you an outlet to say what you want, how you want it. And while I'm sure not everyone will think my outfits are great, find my tips useful or think my recipes are good, there may be that one person that will just instantly get you, and for me it will make it all worth it.

Hopefully I can show everyone a little glimpse of my world and help someone out there unleash both their inner fashionista and Julia Child and have both sides live together harmoniously.

So that's me. Too many run on sentences? I'll try to work on that, but for now, I have a a crockpot waiting for my attention, but don't worry it's something I'm working on for you guys, so come back soon and I'll share what I'm cooking up!



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