Basic AF…

You thought you’d luck out and NOT see a post of me doing the most basic of fall activities, didn’t you!? Well SORRY, NOT SORRY.  But really, I love apple and pumpkin picking. More so now as an adult than as a kid.  My parents would take us picking every year, but it would turn into an Olympic type sport.  We had to pick and pick and pick till our hands fell off. There was no frolicking in the fields, hayrides or petting zoos. Nope, we were there for one purpose and one purpose only, to pick as many apples as humanly possible.  These apples were then sorted and organized once we got home and enjoyed till almost the new year, not even kidding. We’d literally pick 50+ pounds of apples. Now a days, I’ll pick a few, eat a few, snap some pics and just enjoy the scenery.

Unfortunately the weekends here have been either full of adult responsibilities (darn home ownership) or the weather has just been awful, but FINALLY, we got a smidge of nice fall weather (it was in the 50s!) so we ventured out to the orchard.  We’ve been to Harvest Moon a couple times, and loved it mainly because we were able to bring Lilly girl with us, but something must have changed as they no longer allow dogs! Big bummer for us but since we were just looking for a casual stroll and some pumpkins we set out anyway.  We had a blast and even though I didn’t come home with a single apple, we did do some damage on the pumpkin patch and the market that’s on the property.  Farm fresh veggies and meats are amazing and we left with plenty! Even cooked up the turkey we bought for lunch when we got home. If you are in the area, it’s worth the trip just for the produce and meat!  The smell of freshly fried apple cider donuts wafted through the air and since I’m in race prep, unfortunately we didn’t get to try them out.  But by the way people were scarfing them down, I’d say they were pretty yummy! I should really just make my own – maybe the next Well Dressed Eats will be just that!? I’d probably light my hair on fire frying them but could be worth a shot!



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