Fall Trends:Over-The-Knee Boots – 3 Ways – Part 1 – Casual

With the start of November , I think we can all agree that Fall is in full swing. And for those of you that skipped my favorite month and jumped right to the holidays with your Christmas trees and red/green decor, you need to take it down a notch and give Fall the attention it deserves! Now settle in and gear up for my how to wear the daring over the knee boot - 3 Ways Series! I'll show you how to wear these bad boys for an evening out, a casual day out and even the corporate office! YES that's right, you are going to wear your boots to the office and no one is going to stop you!

First up, let's just talk about the boots I'm wearing. I am not made for boots. My calves rival that of elephants, but these suedette, lace up beauties fit me perfectly!! And even better, I GOT THEM ON AMAZON - oh wait, cherry on top - THEY WERE $37 BUCKS! BOOM - MIND BLOWN.  The beige/taupe color is perfect for Fall/Winter and honestly the way the weather has been going up here in the North, can definitely rotate these into Spring!

How to make them work for a casual look? Keep everything super basic.  Jeans and a blouse and minimal accessories are all you need.  This look can totally work for even an office setting on casual Friday. The tie neck top is clean, crisp and sophisticated enough to pull attention up and not focus too much on the boots.  Going from the gym to brunch? Throw them over your leggings, add a chunky sweater on top of your tank and/even add a puffer vest and you are ready!  It's really fail proof, just remember, less is more here! Let the boots do the talking and you handle the walking!



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