Father’s Day Gift Guide

I’m a daddy’s girl through and through. Was always by his side whether it was watching sports with him past my bedtime to being responsible for holding the flashlight JUUUUST right when he was fixing something.  So picking him out a great gift for Father’s Day is always something I enjoy doing.  Although I’m sure if you asked my dad what he’d like for Father’d Day he’d most likely just say he’d be happy with a day spent with his family and maybe a beer or two…

If you are looking for something different for dad this year, here’s a few gifts any dad, whether a tech -guru, landscaping wizard or a brewski drinking laid back dude, would love!

  1. Shower Beer Caddy
  2. Grill Master – Grilling Collection
  3. Electric /Ion Battery Lawn Mower
  4. Michael Kors Leather Strap Watch – Ladies! You can totally borrow this one for a bold look!
  5. Classic Pique Burberry Polo
  6. Home Beer Brewing Kit
  7. Lawn Sprinkler Wifi Smart Controller
  8. The Macallan Rare Cask – Worth it!

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