Finding My Stride…

YOU GUYS, I did it! I ran my first official, timed race! And I survived! Barely..Seriously that last hill was scary steep.  You may have caught a few mentions that I’ve recently started running when my gal pal, Kelly (@fit4my4 – CHECK HER OUT!).  She started a run club to get some ladies together and encourage one another to try something new and/or improve upon something they’ve already been doing.  After a couple months of some light training, I told myself, “Self, if you are really going to do this, do it right, and run a race.”  So back in September I found a local 5K and signed up on the spot.  Now I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes, like um a 5K? I can do that in my sleep. And if you can, bless your heart because this distance running is not easy, at least not for me.  With the encouragement of Kelly, other friends (who I even convinced to run with me – coughKathycough) and my loved ones, I started to take my training more seriously in hopes of finishing with a decent time.  While I spent tons of time on the treadmill in the past, my snail pace never really qualified me as being a “runner.”  I started out slow, like really slow, but in time, along with many chats and tips from Kelly, I was able to find my stride, literally.  I began to realize what needed to connect with what to get a decent pace under my belt, and in just a few short weeks even worked myself up to running 5 full miles! I never thought that was even possible for me.

When race day came I felt OK.  If I said I wasn’t basically crapping my pants with anxiety would be a total lie. What if I slipped or tripped, what if I had to pee, what if the weather sucked!? All these thoughts and feelings went through my head as I got dressed for the race.  When we got to the course, it was oddly calm and empty…Umm guess that’s what happens when you are always really early to things.  The mind games started all over and panic set in.  I was texting my boyfriend and Kelly literally up until the race gun blew.  They tried to calm my nerves and tell me not to worry and just to go! And that’s exactly what I did.  I’m not sure if it was the amount of people that eventually gathered to run the race or the spectators that were cheering us all on, or just the pure competitiveness that consumes me in these types of situations, but the second I heard the gun go off, I bolted.  What I felt was my typical pace felt good, until we got to some hills, HOLY HILLS, but I kept my head in the game, told myself you can do this and pushed through.  As I came up tot he final hill I could see the finish line and at that moment I felt so accomplished that even if I face planted all but 50 meters from the end, I could say I did it! When I finally crossed the finish line, I, 1. doubled over to catch my breath, seriously course creators, what was with that last hill!?!?! and 2. I smiled. I was so happy and guess finally got my “runner’s high.” And even if it was just a measly 3.1 miles, it was my best 3.1 miles I have ever run – time wise, physically and mentally.  It was what I needed to realize there’s always time to reach your goals, whether it’s running a race, finding a new job, starting a blog;-) or something even bigger! Just get out there and try!!



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