GIFT GUIDE – Best Gifts For Him…

We are under the two week mark for Christmas, so I’m sure many of you are getting out there for those last minute gifts.  I, like many, have no trouble finding endless lists of gifts for the ladies in my life, so I don’t want to bore you with yet another gift guide for “her.” I find it harder to shop for the guys!! Anyone else feel like this? 

They tend to brush everything off and say they don’t care, but you give them that one gift they don’t like and you’ll never hear the end of it! So to try and help you avoid the madness here are a few gifts that I’m sure the man in your life will enjoy. And if not, some of them you’ll be able to use yourself so basically a gift to yourself! 

  1. Slippers – They all claim that the cold doesn’t affect them but deep down they are all freezing their you know whats off.  A pair of cozy slippers will keep their feet toasty and the dirt off their socks you can’t seem to wash enough of !  These are super durable too, so you know if they forget they are wearing them and end up walking the dog, doing lawn work or heading to the store in them, because they can’t take the time to change shoes…SMH 
  2. Shaving Kit – From man buns to crazy beards, men are way more into their appearance then they used to be. Even the tough rugged guys like to look their best.  A shaving kit like this one is pretty bad ass if you ask me and your guy will leave you in peace for at least an hour while he cares to his face with this one! 
  3. Yeti Cooler – Tailgaters rejoice! Seriously, this is the go to for coolers and Bae will love you, as will all his friends when he pulls this bad boy out at the next tailgate or BBQ.  People swear by these and live up to the hype. While the price tag is on the steep side, just think of all the uses you will get out of it yourself! Girls night, family gatherings or a chic glamping trip?!?!
  4. Apple Watch – Yes, I know, this has probably been on everyone’s gift lists since they came out many moons ago, but they just keep getting better! So why not finally give the man what he’s been dreaming of and get him the latest and greatest.  Lots of things to add to the new version of the watch. It’ll keep him in one spot and occupied that he’ll barely flinch when you binge watch the housewives of whichever city.
  5. Steak Brand – I have not been on this earth that long, but I know two things to be very true. Men like meat and they  like fire.   Hence why the majority of them are grill masters.  I for one, don’t even know how to light my grill, but I can cook a steak in a pan like an Iron Chef…. When I saw this gift, I thought it was super cool and your hubs will probably freak out with joy when he sees that you are letting him play with fire. Literally. Just don’t let him start branding everything in the house, like the couch or the kids… 

Now off you go to round up the last of your gift shopping and wrapping! Then pour yourself a big ole glass of something and sit back and relax! 

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