GIFT GUIDE- Best Gifts Under $30

Well Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone and while I’m sure you are getting bombarded with emails from stores letting you know of their best deals this shopping season, I thought I’d pull some of the best deals from them all and find you the best gift for even the smallest budget! All of the below would make great gift or stocking stuffer for almost anyone in your life.  From friends, loved ones and even those coworkers you love to hate, these gifts will keep your wallet full to spend on more gifts for yourself!

  1. Most people LOVE coffee, and a lot of people love wine, so why not give someone the gift of BOTH! Merlot Infused coffee is a great gift for your kid’s teachers, coworkers, and even your mother-in-law who has way too much energy as it is, but knows how to throw them back.  Add a cute mug or an actual bottle of wine and you are golden! – $20.00
  2. Need some cheese with that wine coffee!? Well if you are craving something salty after your Merlot cup of Joe, here’s the perfect compliment to the previous gift.  This Marble Cheese Plate is small enough for those living in an apartment, but chic all at the same time. Will present your cheese with straight up class! – $12.99
  3. People always make a resolution in the new year to improve their health in one way or another, and this gift can help do just that. Essential Oils are big now with their potential miracle powers. A small oil diffuser for a loved one will show that you care about their well-being and want them to be prosperous in their health in the upcoming here. At only $15.99 you can even throw in a few oils and it’s the perfect bundle gift!
  4. Got a teen or preteen on your gift list and are totally stumped!? Well we know how much them youngins love their selfies! Help them make those the best darn selfies ever with a Selfie Light! Yes, these things are for real. And yes, I am totally buying myself one, because, well blogging in hard and photographers are expensive. – $15.99
  5. Recently went to a party where the hosts had game after game lines up for their guests, and to be honest it was pretty fun! Why not keep the party going and gift someone a fun card game! After a few drinks things can get pretty interesting and these games will have you in stitches well into the new year! Check this one out on Amazon! – $24.95
  6. Here we go again with the health kick! People are always trying to get a bit healthier in the upcoming year, especially after all those pies and cocktails! Give someone you love this gift and they’ll be all zen before you know it. I hear this yoga thing is pretty cool. Beginner Yoga Kit – $19.49-$29.98 (Depending on color choice)
  7. Speaking of those cocktails, why stop celebrating just because the holidays are over? Everyone loves a good drink, but not everyone has the proper tools to make them! This bar kit and tools is an awesome hostess gift, new home gift, and really a good gift for any time! I would actually like one myself if anyone is feeling generous! – Bar Kit – $24.99
  8. Now this is an obvious one, but I still love them – GIFT CARDS! It allows the person receiving to get something they ACTUALLY WANT! It may scream impersonal, but wouldn’t you rather get something useful, then getting an avocado slicer and trying to figure out 1. how to use it or 2. how to return/regift it?? Options like Starbucks, Dunkins, GAS CARDS, or even one for a mani/pedi for the ladies at their local salon!
  9. Got a niece or nephew? Or child to gift to? While their folks may hate you for pumping them with sugar, this gift is actually pretty cool! Adds a bit of scientific educational flare into the mix. A home root beer making kit, is similar to the more adult version of beer brewing kits, but kid friendly and gets them away from the screen for a bit! They’ll feel so accomplished doing this that their smile will be infectious! – Root Beer Brewing Kit – $24.99
  10. And finally, at numero 10.  This gift is something I am actually just going to buy myself, because well treat yourself! These things have been all the rage lately, and after speaking to many users, they apparently REALLY WORK. So why not! A jade roller is a perfect small gift to anyone who has a tough schedule, tons of kiddies to take care of or just anyone wanting to keep that youthful appearance.  It’s small yet thoughtful and useful! And at only $16 dollars, you could even swing for a couple masks to go along with it for a beauty bundle!  – Jade Roller – $16

So there you have it folks! Gifts on a tiny budget that won’t seem tiny to the receiver.  Hoping these helps ease some anxiety that often comes with gift giving so we shop smarter and faster so there’s more time for family and friends! Before you know it the holiday will be over and it’ll be back to the daily grind, so enjoy it while you can!

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