Happy Halloween…

I will start this post by saying I really hate Halloween. Well, I like the candy associated with it, but the whole costume thing is just not for me.  Perhaps it was the fact that I always had really crummy costumes as a kid, so much so that for two years, I was a nun. Yes, a nun… And apparently I really worked it because those years, I didn’t get ANY candy, because people actually thought I WAS A NUN and was kindly taking children Trick-or-Treating out of the goodness of my heart and Christian duty.  I was never a princess, or a fun cartoon character. I typically got whatever was leftover at the store the few days before Halloween, when we finally went to the store to pick something out – #chunkykidproblems.

Once in high school I pretty much stopped putting on a costumes all together and even in college while most girls peeled back the last few layers of clothing they wore while going out and threw on their skankiest outfits, I stayed in and ate all their Snickers.  Whatever… BUT if I were to be invited to a costume party now-a-days I’d wear something like this! Cute, comfy, classy and very much me.  Typical, yes, but I like any excuse to pull out the Gucci and this amazing Target dress. So if a little face paint and messy hair need to come out to be able to wear them, then so be it! Now I’ll just go sit and wait by the door and hope not too many trick or treaters come my way, so that I get to keep all the candy for myself!




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