Healthy Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins

One family tradition that seems to never let up is our St. Patrick’s Day family dinner. No, we aren’t Irish, but my father has a strange love of corned beef. Unfortunately for him my mother despises cooking it, so she makes a big heap of it once a year around St. Patrick’s Day, along with the usual potatoes and cabbage and we all get together to stuff our faces.  Not a bad tradition right? I always make something to bring whether it’s a dessert or a side dish, my mother always taught us NEVER to go anywhere empty handed, even if it’s just to your parents… Anyone else grow up this way, to the point where you panic going anywhere and have to stop at a CVS or grocery store to buy a loaf of bread or bottle of soda if it comes to it? No? Just me? Hm…

Well this year I wanted to try something new. If you know me and how I cook, I always seem to try new recipes when I have somewhere to go and offer to bring something. Nothing like cooking under pressure. This year is no different and I’m taking a stab at some cornbread muffins. I love a good piece of cornbread but let me warn you, I have NEVER made cornbread on my own, so I set out to find a relatively easy recipe. I hate things that have 1,000 ingredients and 30 steps, so simplicity is the way I tend to go. I stumbled upon a great site and found a perfect recipe – Cheddar Jalapeno Cornbread Mini Muffins. GASP! Don’t they sound yummy? And what I love even more is that they are fairly healthy! Packed with Greek yogurt for a protein kick and not too much fat – these bad boys come in under 50 calories a pop! Now let’s get to baking!

Here’s what I used for my muffins.  I slightly deviated from the original recipe just because it is just what I had on hand. Not pictured is the all-purpose flour.  I know, not the healthiest option but again, it’s what I had on hand and seemed to work well!

So here’s everything ready to go! Recipe was pretty simple, basically a dump and bake type of thing. Not looking too bad, right?

These baked up really quickly and looked sooo cute! Specks of green make them quite festive! NOTE – If you used silicon muffin tins as I did, MAKE SURE YOU WAIT TILL THE MUFFINS ARE COOLED BEFORE YOU POP THEM OUT!  I was too excited and tried to sample one and it totally fell apart since it was just too hot. Once I waited they came out with ease.

So the verdict?  Good cornmeal flavor, a bit less sweet than a typical cornbread, but that’s probably from the jalapeno and cheese, but the crumbly texture was there and the tiny portions really worked. Made the perfect complement to Mom’s amazing Corned Beef and Cabbage!  With that I’m off to finish off the leftovers and think of my next recipe for you all.  Let me know if you try the recipe and how you like it!




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