Holiday Gift Guide – Big Ticket Items to Snag On Black Friday

With Black Friday just two days away, I figured I’d put together at least one gift guide to help you navigate the crazy come Friday, or Thursday evening? Seriously, do people really go out and shop on Thanksgiving!!?? I’m too full to make it to bed let alone the mall, so most of my shopping is done from the comforts of my home on my phone….

Black Friday is really where you want to score your BIG ticket items, think electronics and home goods.  This is not the day to go hunting for the small items and stocking stuffers.  Store have sales starting on Black Friday, but they only get better the closer to Christmas it gets. TRUST ME. There is no need to get trampled over at Target for slippers or a Frozen doll (well maybe that one yes, but I only have a couple little in the family so I can’t really help you here). But there are some key items that you can definitely score some deals on and some are even already on sale, so check them out then shoot me a message and let me know what the best deal you were able to score was!

  1. For the Fitness FanaticPelaton Bike – This may be listed first because part of me wants one. HINT HINT babe… But Black Friday chatter says this will be on some discount, and at a price tag of almost $2,000, even interest free financing makes it a win if you put this bad boy under the tree!
  2. For the Sports Lover4K LED Smart TV – We bought ourselves one when we moved into this house and it’s INCREDIBLE. It literally looks like the tight pant wearing football slingers are in your living room. Watching the Real Housewives you can even see some fine lines on those uber botoxed faces! Places like Target and Best Buy are already posting insane deals, so don’t wait!!! We have this one (and definitely paid WAY more…ugh)
  3. For the Tired Mom or Lady BossEspresso/Gourmet Coffee Machines – Coffee Lovers battle it out on Black Friday! You’ll be sure to score some awesome deals on Nespresso machines (I have the Breville Vertuoline and am OBSESSED). Serious game changer to the morning cup of joe! Here are my two top finds. Check out Kohl’s for some crazy deals.
  4. For the Neat Freak or Pet OwnerRobot Vaccuums – Got a little one dropping cheerios on your floor all the time? Or a furry baby shedding like crazy constantly!? Then this is a gift for you! Amazon has a ton of well priced options, as do most of the department stores! I’m also in the market for one myself. Hoping with all the hair one of these picks up I can go into the sweater making surface. Seriously, why did no one warn me Goldens shed like CRAZY! It’s unreal!
  5. For the Dreamer – Cars – OK OK I know, WTF you thinking ALINA?! Not everyone can just go out and buy a new car, I don’t even have the means to go out and buy a new one but hear me out! If you are in the market for a new vehicle, Black Friday could be a major score. Dealerships are looking to close out the month and hit their targets, AND they are looking to make room for the 2019 models, so if you are OK with the 2018s you can get a pretty sweet ride for a good bit less than sticker or MSRP (do people even know what that stands for?)

So there you have it, the five things I think need to be on your list this Black Friday.  Save the shopping for the sweaters and socks and jewelry for later in December. And remember why go out shopping when you can spend a few more hours with your loved one? It’s probably one of the few times a year you see most of them, so make that time count. The mall will always be there…

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