Ipsy – Monthly Beauty Subscription – Review

Who loves getting new stuff!?!? Probably the main reason for my shopping addiction, but I love un-boxing new goodies, whether it’s clothes, or just my amazon box filled with windex or whatever strange thing I purchased from there. (Seriously I think I shop in my sleep). There are plenty of monthly subscription services out there now, for clothes, dog treats, dinners and now even beauty products! I’ve had some experience with these in the past and have never really been a fan. You spend a certain amount and either get something crappy and not worth it, or you hate what you get and feel like it’s a total waste. Well what if I told you I found once for less than $10 bucks a month and you get 5 products and cosmetic bag (yes each month) that you will actually love!?!?! I present to you Ipsy! I don’t even know how I came across it, but so glad I did! I’ve only received two so far, but after both ended up being total wins, I had to share with you all!

You start by taking a short survey of products you like, as well as bands you enjoy and from there they put together a profile for you that your monthly bag is built around. These products range from full sized eye shadows, brushes that you’ll actually use, and samples of other super pricey brands! I was shocked here I got a double head blush brush last month that was better quality then most of my brushes that I always end up spending so much money on and then never end up using! Seriously, for less then two Starbucks lattes you could have all these products delivered straight to your door. My February bag was another total hit. Winter has done a number on my hair and this mask was INSANEEEEEEEEEEE, my hair felt like silk afterwards! This lip gloss, looks super dark, but perfectly sheer and I can see it on multiple skin tones and ages. And this MAC highlighter!?! Already ordered a full size because it’s been used daily, since I opened it. Honestly can’t wait to see what fun stuff I get next month!!! How many more days till March!?

And these cosmetic bags!? I could always use another little pouch for my work or gym bag, so KEEP THEM COMIN! Now to only get Ipsy to give me a coupon code! Working on it though! I don’t see me canceling any time soon.

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