Kate vs Meghan – Royal Style

Who watched the royal wedding!?!?!!? I DID! Anyone else a bit shocked as to how plain her dress was? Now don’t get me wrong, she was a beautiful bride, but I guess I was expecting a weeeeee bit more.  I absolutely loved her flowy high neck reception dress though! But in all honestly Meghan and Harry looked so in love and happy, that it didn’t matter what anyone was wearing, you could feel the joy though the TV screen.

Now her new sister-in-law Kate looked amazing as she always does.  I honestly can’t believe she had a baby just a few short weeks ago. This girl is not even human…

Growing up watching all the Disney Princess movies, having two stunning ladies be our real life royals is so exciting.  Anyone else completely obsessed with these two!?! What makes them so great is that they seem so accessible, and their style is even more so! They may be wearing tiaras and stunning gowns more times than we can count, but their every day looks are things any woman can get down with.

Kate’s style is a bit preppy but not overly so. Now the mom of three you can imagine she needs things that she can move in but still look perfectly presentable.  Want to copy her style, stick to structured pieces, simple dainty accessories, and from time to time, add a pop of color and jewels. She’s not afraid of color but knows when to keep it in control and not go overboard.  Even while pregnant, she kept her style top notch with bright colors and garments that were super tailored. And you know being able to just throw on that tiara when you feel like it helps.

Meghan on the other hand is super causal in her style, but knows when to jazz things up when out with Harry.  I have been a fan of Meghan’s for a while, as I watched her on the show Suits for the past couple of years.  Her style on the show is very similar to her real life style so it’s like I get an up close glimpse into her closet every time I watch an episode.  Her look at the Invictus games (white top and jeans) was so super simple yet chic, that anyone could pull off, it really solidified her spot as a fashion icon.  Be just like Meghan and keep it super simple.  Think California girl meets London high society.  Mix high and low pieces and focus on keeping things within one color family and you’ll have people bowing at your feet in no time.

Here are some of my favorite looks of both Kate’s and Meghan’s and some pieces that will have you looking like a princess yourself! So which style do you lean more towards? Are you #teamkate or #teammeghan?








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