Mad for Plaid…

When you think of fall there are plenty of things that immediately jump into your head.  For many (me NOT included) it’s pumpkin spice, falling leaves, cooler temps, cozy scarfs and if you are anything like me, you throw PLAID in there. Plaid is on major repeat for me during the season, from tops, to scarves and even pants. Don’t be afraid to rock it! It may feel a bit outdated to some, but this timeless print has lasted more decades than I have been alive and that chic 70’s vibe rocks on!

If you want to try the trend but not spend a ton, there’s ways to sneak it into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.  These pants are from Forever 21, as is my trench and scarf.  And honestly the quality of all three pieces are awesome! Even shocked me a bit! I wanted to show how great of a store Forever 21 really is. The three pieces from that store cost me just around $50 bucks.  And I will surely wear them multiple times! I recently overheard a group of women, few of which were my age and a couple older, discussing how Forever 21 is a teeny bopper store and they don’t understand how ladies in their 30’s plus could ever shop there. “All the clothes are so slutty.”  I rolled my eyes and walked right past them in my outfit that was almost half from Forever 21.. WHATEVER.  It doesn’t matter where it’s from or how much you paid for it, if it looks good, then it’s worth it! Again checking out materials and taking proper care of your clothes will make them look their best, regardless if they are Dior or not!


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