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I recently read another blogger’s post on making friends as adults and how it’s fairly different then just running up to someone at the playground and asking, “Will you be my friend?”  She made some excellent points on how relationships change and evolve over time, while others just fizzle out.  Interests change, people are constantly at different points in their lives, and sometimes even distance creates barriers to friendships.  And it’s all OK. Life is not meant to be one straight line of consistency and you should be willing to take the dips and turns as they come and if a few people get off the ride during that journey, their empty seats will surely be filled with someone else.

Now we can also admit that we are all social media crazy. For Pete sake, I spend more than I even want to admit on social media, looking for blog inspiration, getting tips from others, or just plain old trashy gossip searching.  But it’s also a great place to make friends! I’ve built some great relationships with people just by merely showing interest in their post and online ventures.   It’s crazy what can happen when you find someone who has very similar interests as you and start to actually engage with them even if it’s simply thru the internet.  Perfect example, this lady right here, or really down there.  Go on, scroll down and look, I’ll wait…

We’ve been in the same circle for a few years now, but her with her 4 kids, YES 4 (she’s really a super woman) and my crazy work schedule, we aren’t always at the same functions or events. What we do have in common is bettering our health and fitness. Kelly is an avid runner and fitness fanatic and has even turned that into a business. (Woohoo GIRL BOSS!)  CHECK HER OUT ASAP!! We’ve mainly kept in touch via social media, you know the usual like of a picture, comment here or there, but when Kelly started up her Summer Run Club, I thought I’d show this phenomenal lady some support and give this whole running thing a whirl.  What’s the harm in trying something new, right?

Her enthusiasm and motivation sparked a fast growing friendship and new passion for bettering my run game.  And let me tell you, when she and I met for our first run meetup in person it was as though I was looking in the mirror. Not literally because this girl is FIT, but we just clicked on so many levels and had the best talk.  SO great that we chatted during our entire run and without even realizing it we managed to run almost 3 miles!! Which if you know me would know is quite the accomplishment.  Though not going to lie, the last hill I definitely thought I was going to die, just a little bit. I can even hear her saying – “you’re crazy!” as she reads that! You read this right Kelly!!!!???? I kid, I kid…

Kelly kept me motivated all summer and now I’m part of her Fall Run Club! And just last week managed to run 5 miles and I didn’t die!  Her support and coaching even gave me the boost I needed to sign up for my very first race at the end of this month! More on my training and mental prep for that coming soon.

But if you are looking to branch out into the running world or need some help when it comes to nutrition, definitely check her out. She’ll have you running marathons in no time! Oh and did I mention she also teaches Barre classes!? Seriously, go have a chat with Kelly, or if you just need an occasional kick in the rear to get yourself going, follow her on Instagram to get your daily dose of motivation!  Website: / Instagram – HERE 

This really goes to show you that friends can come from any which direction and you just need to be open and willing to take them on.  I am quite shy, shockingly enough, and totally awkward in social settings, so the world of social media has definitely been a way for me to branch out a bit and feel more at ease while socializing.  Give it a whirl, connect with someone on Instagram or Facebook page or whatever new app the kids are using these days. (Seriously, is Snapchat still a thing?) Your next friend or business connection might just be waiting!

And to add back in some fashion – here’s the link to my top and Kelly’s jacket! Seriously, it was super cute, nearly tore it off the girl and took it home!

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