There are only a couple things I NEVER leave the house without. One is my phone, the other  – MASCARA.  Having very light lashes makes it a necessity but finding one that does it all has been a challenge to say the least.  Many moons ago I fell in love with one mascara, it was $1.99 a tube and it was AMAZING. Light, airy, held the curl of my lashes and NEVER smudged. EVER! Well someone must have found out I liked it and it quickly became discontinued.  I launched a full on hunt for every last tube I could find and bought 20+.  They have lasted me till now, but I’m on my second to last tube and so a new hunt for its replacement has begun. I’ve read countless reviews, read all the magazines and have yet to really find anything I love.

I thought I’d save everyone the hassle of doing the same research, so I am going to share with you my own comparisons EYE TO EYE.  I present to you (drum roll please) “The Mascara Battle – SPLURGE vs STEAL edition”! Eh I know not that clever, sounded more impressive in my head, but let’s move on.

Now I want to be upfront with you, both of the mascaras I tested are waterproof.  I know some of you hate the stuff, but for someone who typically goes from office to gym, I need stuff that won’t melt off my face 5 minutes into my boot camp class.  Both do have a non-waterproof versions though so don’t fret!

I should also apologize, these pictures may be hard to look at – I am makeup-less! GASP! I also have never wanted to own Photoshop more than when I looked back and saw my own skin SO close up. (Suggestions on your fav skin care creams are greatly appreciated).

I started the battle with all the same variables – clean, dry eye lashes that I curled with my trusty eyelash curler.  Been using THIS bad boy for 10+ years.  Then I proceeded to rank each mascara on a 1-10 scale in three categories – Application (Ease of putting it on, Clumping, etc), Look (Did my eyelashes look full, long and lush), and Overall Score (Did it make it from breakfast till bed time).

I did one eye with each so we could get a side by side compare – Here we go!

On the fight card today we have a higher end mascara that claims to be the best and it’s more affordable drug store dupe.


Too Faced – Better Than Sex: ($23.00) – 

  • First Impressions – Curved Brush has me intrigued, but not convinced it’ll work for everyone’s eye shape, maybe some missed spots? It was also not that liquidy (I really need to stop making up words).  I actually prefer a drier mascara I find it tends to clump less, so this gave me hope.
  • Application – (8) Went on without a problem. And my lashes looked fairly full and long! No clumps either!
  • Look – (6) I let the mascara dry and gave a glance in the mirror to see if the mascara changed any.  My lashes lost a little bit of their curl, which to me was disappointing. The curl of a lash is what makes them pop in my eyes, no pun intended!
  • Overall – (7) This stuff did NOT budge. I even slept in it. Yup, I take this testing stuff seriously! (Or was just really lazy and went to bed with it on that’s a pretty good possibility too) Only downside is the cost. At over twenty bucks a tube it’s on the pricey side and again, with a drier formula, you’ll probably have to buy it more often then something that is more liquid and glossy. Overall, I have to say I was impressed. Especially with its staying power!


L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise ($9.99) – 

  • First Impressions – This mascara had a similar curved brush, but not as deep of a swoop. Formula was way more glossy and moist then the other, so I was already hesitant to start.
  • Application – (5) This stuff got everywhere.  I’m not the neatest makeup applicator but the super wet formula basically splattered onto my eye lids when I was applying.  Nothing a few swipes of a q-tip couldn’t fix, but a little annoying.
  • Look – (7) Despite the messy application this stuff looked pretty darn near perfect when I cleaned myself up.  The curl held fairly well, slightly better than the too faced and very little clumping.
  • Overall (6) – After a full day and night’s rest (don’t judge me, I’m a very tired girl) I woke up to a pretty interesting smoky raccoon eye.  Not too terrible where it couldn’t be fixed and made wearable for another day, but more work than I wanted to deal with.  Curl also didn’t hold much after a few hours of blinking and you know life.


So who is my winner of this Mascara Battle?  I have to go with – Too Faced – Better Than Sex.   I had really high hopes for the drugstore mascara as I would have loved to save a few bucks as makeup seems to be getting more and more expensive.  We do tend to wear it every day, so it is worth the investment.  But if you run out of the pricier stuff and are in a pinch a quick trip to CVS or Walgreens for the L’Oréal version isn’t a bad option!  Try them out for yourself and let me know if you love ‘em or hate ‘em. Or leave me suggestions on your favorite mascaras!!!


  1. I actually really like Better than Sex! I also love the Wander Beauty Unlashed & Wunderextensions mascara – both online makeup brands. Check them out!

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