One Dress – Three Ways

I love buying pieces I can wear multiple ways for multiple occasions.  For these types of purchases I tend to look for fabrics that don’t have a particular season, polyester is one of them.  It’s airy and breathable, but still solid enough to not look strange if you add a sweater or even a layer underneath.  Also pick something with many color options. Either go neutral or multicolored. A neutral piece will be just that, a base for other items to be the focal point.  But to the other extreme, pick an item that’s bright and stands out to be the star of the show.  This dress is just that. Has so many colors you’ll be needing to buy new things to go along with all the different shades in the pattern.  And at just under $90 bucks, not only is it a great piece if you needed a dress for a certain occasion, but it’s a real STEAL if you think of all the places you can show it off.  Here’s a few ways to take one item and make it the star of your outfit wherever you may be going. It also helped that I got to shoot in my gal pal’s stunning backyard! It made this dress look even more impressive. Thanks Kathy!

Keeping it Causal – With just a plain sandal and your broken in jean jacket, you are ready to run around with the little ones at the playground, or just out to run some errands. Don’t over think it, just be comfortable!


Impress At the Office – Pull out some other office staples and this turns into a boardroom ensemble in a second.  Higher end pieces makes the dress look expensive.  Something a client will definitely take note of.


Evening Event – Spring wedding? Or a fancy night out with your love?  This dress can handle that too!! Simply add some beautiful jewelry a fancy clutch and a wrap in case it gets chilly and you are formal in minutes.


Now how easy was that!?? The options are endless and I could go on and on! So go snatch this dress up ASAP and show me how YOU are styling it!



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