Summer Nights…

Best part about a summer day?  People will probably not agree with me, but I personally think it’s the hour window right before sunset, when everyone’s finally showered up and your tan reveals itself that you acquired earlier in the day from the pool or beach, when your skin is still slightly hot but you are a bit cool at the same time. When everything just seems to be calm.  THAT’S the best part of summer. It’s when you are just unwinding and thinking over all you’ve done that day, but are also prepping for the night ahead. And when the weather is JUST right and you catch the perfect lighting before going out to dinner, you have to take advantage of that and capture it.  We’ve had a rainy summer so far so these moments have been far and few between.  But let’s talk about this dress for a minute.  It’s my summer ode to that red number Nicole Kidman wore a few years ago to one of the big award shows, with the HUGE red bow. You know which one I’m talking about, but if you don’t, click here… I loved that dress sooooo much and when I found this dress last year, I HAD TO HAVE IT.  The bow just adds something so sweet yet structural to an otherwise plain and shapeless dress.  I actually bought this dress for our cruise to Bermuda, and haven’t worn it since, but it was just the perfect shade of blue to go along with the backdrop of my boyfriend’s parents backyard. Isn’t their yard seriously dreamy!?! #lawngoals


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