Sweet Sixteen – Times Two…Literally

Holy moly, when did I get so old?? I got to bed before the sun is even down, I get up before some bars have closed and I literally prefer my couch over a loud concert any day of the week.  I think it really hit home when we attended a Sweet Sixteen this weekend, that I was officially an old lady.  I have become that person who squawks at the kids, and says things like, “when I was your age” or “Oh my goodness, do you see how they are dancing!?!” And then with some quick calculation, I realized I was 16, 16 years ago, so basically 16 times 2.  Like really?… I tried to at least not dress the part and wanted to look like the cool “older but not like OLD” cousin. How’d I do? I have to say I love this dress. Granted the brand runs suppppper small and had to up a couple sizes but the cut and color are classically simple yet different enough to stand out in a crowd.  It was right up my alley and I knew I had to have it.  The color while a little darker of a raspberry is totally appropriate for any season, add black in the winter, camel in the fall, pastels in Spring and some bright turquoise or even white for summer.  Didn’t hurt it was on sale either. Added this adorable (also affordable, yet totally awesome) clutch, because you all know I love me some animal print, and off to the party I went! We danced like fools and just enjoyed the company of our family.  Nothing I’d rather stay up past my bedtime for! Unless it was for a really killer sample sale…Did I just say that??? 😉



Here’s a closer look at this clutch, because well it’ll be your new best friend this fall!! Holds SOOOOO much and so soft! Like carrying around your childhood teddy bear!



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