Texas Trip Recap – Austin & NYE

After a fun day in San Antonio, we headed back to Austin where the real fun began. Since we didn’t end up having dinner in San Antonio, we decided to hit up a local BBQ joint in Austin. After about an hour of driving around aimlessly trying to decipher all the online recommendations, we came upon Terry Black’s and the line outside of it made it seem like we were in the right spot. Literally the line went out the door and down into the parking lot. But the minute you got in line, the smell of smokey BBQ goodness hit you like a ton of bricks. Now we are typically not the type of people that wait for food, but the group in front of us AND behind us told us it was worth it and to just sit tight. Well thank you fine patrons, because if I ever see you again, I would hug you and thank you or making sure I had one of the best meals EVER. I mean, the ribs were like nothing I had ever eaten before, the brisket literally melted and I ate so much mac and cheese and could have kept going if my pants literally weren’t cutting of my circulation. I am still dreaming about their corn bread. Life changing is the only way to describe it.

Austin, not going to lie, was quite strange. And that apparently is something they take pride in, as we saw the slogan, “Stay Weird Austin” everywhere. Not quite sure what it means, but the vibe of the city was definitely something I had not yet experienced. We stay in the downtown area on 5th Street, just one block from the famous 6th Street, where the booze run like water and the music is always pumping. It was a great location to be in for nightlife, but during the day we found it was fairly quiet.

On our first full day we had brunch at Geraldine’s, located in the Kimpton Hotel. I LOVED this hotel lobby, it was GORGEOUS. I already decided if I ever build another house, I want a library and it would look exact like this hotel. Dark colors, brown leathers, and just the right mix of cool and cozy it was stunning, and the restaurant was just as amazing. UM CAN WE LOOK AT THIS BATHROOM!? To top it all off the food was phenomenal. Definitely need to check it out if you are in town!

From there we walked up and down 6th street to check out the music scene and stumbled upon Voodoo Donuts. We were so excited to find a location in Austin as I have only heard how amazing these donuts are and well there are no diet rules on vacation. And they did NOT disappoint. So good we went back twice on our trip. Even waited in line for an hour the second time around! Worth every second!

After our donuts, we were in the mood to hear some tunes, as Austin is known as the live music capital of the world. We literally walked into a random bar, and bam, live music! Well that was easy, wasn’t it. The guys that were on deck for the afternoon were soooooo good. They sang original songs and also took requests, and literally knew every song we called out and played them so well, some even better than the artists themselves. I mean that is talent. Being able to play any song people throw at you, and play them so well! We spent the entire afternoon in total awe and well the Eddy’s vodka which is local to Austin, kept us in our seats too. Now being from the NY area, we think a $13 dollar drink is reasonable. In Austin, at this particular bar, The Bling Pig, the 4 of us drank a few drinks each, bought drinks for the guys on stage, took a round of shots, and somehow only rung up a $60 dollar bill…Mind blown. I literally hurried us out the door in case it was a mistake and they were going to come make us add the other $100 the forgot to put on the bill!

Next day was NYE, so we wanted a fairly relaxing day so we were ready for the big night. We headed to another section of Austin, S. Congress, to see all the cool signs, murals, hot spots and do some shopping! This is where the weird came into play. Random stores with cowboy boots, (Apparently your girl has hair made for Texas, but not feet for the boots – I tried though! Not a single pair worked for me) high end merchandise, and the typical tourist crap. Scattered throughout were tons of yummy food trucks. We stopped at a taco truck which was awesome, though apparently I was so famished at that point that I don’t remember the name, nor did I even snap a pic of what we had, but it was good. I swear.

But onto the real GEM of our trip NYE!!! We had an early dinner right across the street from our hotel at Eddie V’s Steakhouse. It was glorious. Red meat in Texas is just a beautiful thing. But the real star of the show, our appetizer. Kung Pao Calamari – I could have had this as my main dish and been completely happy. Again, so good I forgot to take a picture, but again, trust….. Not a smidge of it was left. After dinner, we headed to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar for their nightly show, which included a NYE countdown and some amazing music. These guys on stage could sing! It was great to have a chill NYE instead of getting crammed into a small stinky bar. Instead we sat at a table, sang at the top of our lungs, and sipped on huge fish bowls! I partied like it was 2009 not 2019, but it was totally worth it. Such a great night and definitely worth a trip when in Austin! You’ll lose your voice I’m sure!

The next day was spent basically recuperating, again, I partied, hard…Plus the weather wasn’t working for us, rainy and cold, it was just a day to enjoy the few blocks around our hotel, some local Tex Mex cuisine and gear up to head back to reality early the next morning. SO what was the overall opinion of Austin? Definitely glad to have gone, it was my first time to Texas in general and I think I got a good glimpse into the vibe. Would I come back down again? Maybe. Depends on the occasion. I think coming back in when the weather was more in our favor would be worth it, as there are lots of outdoor things we couldn’t do since it was cold. But it was a great time, and another NYE for the memory books! Now, where to next NYE!??!? Suggestions!?

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