Texas Trip Recap – Day #1: San Antonio

So if you missed my Insta postings, you also missed my recent trip to Texas! For the last 4 years we have gone away for New Years with some of our friends and have loved traveling to new places to ring in a new year. We’ve celebrated in FL, New Orleans (twice – and I’d go back every NYE if I could) and this year we chose Austin, TX! None of us in the group had been there before and since it is known as the live music capital, we thought it’d be a fun place to visit. And we were right! More on Austin to come! I promise.

Since we were going to be in Texas for a total of 5 days, and actually came into town a day earlier than our friends, we rented a car and decided to drive up to San Antonio to check out what it had to offer. About an hour and fifteen minute ride from Austin, it was a quick day trip we were glad we took. First off, it really gave you a glimpse of TX and the fact that the state really does have parts that look exactly like an episode of Friday Night Lights (Team Riggins all the way!)… And secondly, THERE ARE IN-N-OUT burger stops the entire way!!! A must for any one else from the east coast. Seriously, SOO GOOD! Why aren’t these back in NY!?

After a double animal style and a shake, we were back on the road and in San Antonio is no time. Not the prettiest of cities when you are approaching but it was bustling! We headed straight to the heart of the city and easily found a spot to leave the car for the day. At $20 bucks for 12 hours, in a lot just a few blocks from all the main points, we thought it was quite reasonable. But again, being from NY where a parking garage costs you $50 bucks when heading to a Broadway show, I guess reasonable is relative.

A quick walk and we walked right up to the Alamo! Now this is where I am going to probably piss some of you off. Historical landmark, definitely if you are in the area, go see it, but umm really!? I’m not going to lie, I was a weeee bit disappointed. I guess the movies/TV make it seem much more grand than it is. Granted, it was cool to check it off the bucket list and the grounds around the area are beautiful, just look at this 100 year old tree!! There are a few of them around the grounds and really wish we had seen them lit up. After we brushed up on our Alamo knowledge reading the plaques and listening to some guides tell the stories of the battle, we headed down a few short blocks where we found our next point of interest – The RiverWalk.

We’ve come to realize that we have never had great weather on these NYE trips and unfortunately for us, it was freakishly cold in S.A. the day we were there. It was actually warmer in NY then Texas believe it or not, so walking around outside was harsh, but the atmosphere at the River Walk and strategically planted heaters was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Now I wasn’t expecting a full blown mall to be attached to the River Walk, so we did some very exotic sightseeing of Macy’s and H&M as well. THere are a ton of cute coffee shops and places to eat in and around the River Walk and if we were to spend the night there, looked like a ton of bars and cool spots for live music here as well!

Glad we made the hike and got a smidge of history while we were there. Definitely don’t miss it if you are in or around the area!! It’s worth a stop. Maybe not when it’s 30 degrees, but definitely fun nonetheless!

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