The Blanket Scarf – Three Ways…

There are really two top accessories that emerge every fall without fail – the ankle booties and the big blanket scarf.  The minute one leaf changes just even a slight tone of orange, those chunky, patterned scarves come flying out of storage like they were on fire.  That’s probably because they are SO extremely versatile! There are endless ways to use your big scarves to add some punch to or even be the main focus of your outfit.  To help narrow down the possibilities, I’ve picked my top 3 ways to wear a blanket scarf this season to ensure no one’s neck goes cold! (All outfit details under the final picture!)

First Up – The Lazy Girl – Sometimes the weather in early Fall can be weird, one day it’s picture perfect, the next day it’s 80, and the weekends end up being rainy, so that means your big cozy scarf isn’t always needed.  But if you are just itching to put it on, I present to you the Lazy Girl.  Just simply drape your scarf around your neck or as pictured under the collar of your jacket/blazer and let it hang by your sides. Still adds a bit of something without making you sweat through your rest of your outfit.


Second on the list – The Triangle – Probably the most frequently used scarf wrap style, it’s simple, it’s easy, keeps you toasty and can be down with a light silk scarf or a jumbo sized blanket.  Just fold your scarf into a triangle and hold is up in front of you.  Wrap each end around your neck so that the point of the triangle hangs down the middle.  Adjust the tightness of the wrap as you wish!

Finally – The Cape – I’m going to be honest with you, I walked down my stairs the other day to shoot this look and my mother was in my kitchen and she laughed at me.  Yup, thanks Mom, love you too. It’s a look, but not laughable in my opinion. Maybe it was the hat? Whatever the case, throwing a belt around a draped blanket scarf basically turns you into a bad ass fashion diva.  It’s chic, stylish and you can hide that spit up or old stain on your favorite sweater with one easy swoop! Simple drape your scarf around your shoulders and back, like you would any shawl. Take a belt and wrap it around your natural waist.  The back of the scarf would not be tucked into the belt, otherwise you won’t be able to move your arms! And if you are willing to get laughed at by your mother, throw on a hat and you are all set to take on your fall bucket list!


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