It’s here!!! Cyber Monday is upon us and I’m sure you are all scouring the internet for some deals. Here are my TOP 5 items that you need to snag up NOW! Don’t wait! These deals come once a year and if you are in the market for any of these things, today is the day to just take the plunge! Believe me! I shop daily so you don’t have to and these prices are seriously LOW! Check them out!

  1. Kitchen Aid Mixers –  As a new baker, something like this in your kitchen is KEY! And these prices are crazy! Nearly half off for something that’ll get used more than you realize. You can mash your potatoes in this and they’ll be smoother than a baby’s bottom! It’s an investment, but if you are looking for the be all end all kitchen tool this is it! Makes a great house warming gift, wedding gift etc, so if you have a life event coming up you are attending, maybe even buy an extra one as a gift for someone else! Macy’s is having amazing deals, and use code CYBER for extra off!!!!
  2. Dyson Vacuum  – Vacuums were part of my Black Friday purchase list and it’s carrying voer to Cyber Monday! Everyone likes a clean house, and these Dyson’s do the trick. I have one and love it! You all know my dog sheds like crazy and these bad boys keep things tiddy and are worth every penny. Even Amazon is getting in on the mix with some great deals on Dyson! Click here to see!
  3. Ancestry DNA Kit– I have always wanted to do one of these, but for $100 plus bucks, it was just not worth it to me. BUT today it’s HALF OFF!! This would be such a great gift for your folks or anyone who may be curious about their lineage.  Definitely will be picking this up for myself! – Now at $49.99
  4. NeuLash Lash Enhancing Serum – OK Nordstrom just take all my money why don’t ya!?! I love long lashes, but the price of extension is crazy plus well the maintenance. And while I have seen amazing results others have had using this lash serum, I just couldn’t get myself to make the investment and pay $100+ for a tube of clear goo.  BUT today for $150 you get two tubes which I have been told will last you basically forever! That’s basically the same as 4 tubes of the big name brand mascaras that often don’t end up working anyway! Maybe today’s the day we finally get those long luscious lashes us gals are always seeking.
  5. J.Crew Coat – Winter is Coming! Which means you need a warm coat, ASAP.  J.Crew outwear to me is a top level, investment that will last you YEARS. I have two of this jacket from past years and they are still my go to’s for warmth and fashion! These colors are sooo amazing! Bright and vibrant, will pull you out of that cold winter weather depression in no time.  At 50% off with code CYBER it makes this jacket accessible. GET TWO! I’m tempted to get this green one, but I do have a birthday coming up so maybe I’ll just send a link on over to the Mr. and see if he gets the hint.

Now there are obviously 100s of amazing deals happening today, but if you want to get the good stuff, grab these items first! You’ll be happy you did. And if not, that’s why stores have return policies! OK now I should really get back to work before someone realizes I have spent half my morning shopping, eh but what else is new!

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