Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I’m going to preface this post by saying, I am not at all ready for it to be February. This year is moving entirely too fast, and I have yet to stop typing/writing 2018 on everything, but I digress. Who’s ready for National “eat everything chocolate” day? Or for all you traditionalists, Valentine’s Day?! I am all for any holiday that involves candy, but this one always drove me nuts, even when in a relationship, like I am in now. I don’t think it should matter if it’s a holiday for someone to express their love or appreciation for a person merely because the calendar tells them to. We should be doing this all the time! Flowers just because, the little “I love you’s” when out grocery shopping or chocolate, well always! But again, I digress, and bring to you a little Valentine’s Day gift guide you can all print out and hand your otherwise clueless significant other, so you don’t get stuck with the sample pack of Russell Stover’s chocolate and whatever else is left over at the drug store on the afternoon of Feb 14th. You can thank me later! And don’t worry, threw in some gifts for your besties, and well even yourselves on this list!

For your squad – Maggie Louise Chocolates – Show your crew how much you love them by giving them a pack of these Ride or Die chocolate creations! They are almost too pretty to eat, almost… If you haven’t had Maggie Louise candies before, you are in for a treat, so maybe buy yourself a pack too! – $38.00

For the Dudes in your Life – So funny enough, my Dad has gotten me a Valentine’s day gift every year for as long as I can remember. Let’s be real here, he was my first Valentine! Such a sweet gesture to look forward to every year, regardless of who else is in my life, but why not repay the favor with a pair of cozy slippers? These are a hit with the guys, even those that squirm at the fact that they are Uggs! They’ll be sporting them left and right once they slip their foot inside. – $110.00

One more for the men! – My boyfriend has more products for his face than I do. Not even kidding, so I’m going to add to that collection by getting him some quality products. These fit the bill and will keep you close to that face! – $35.00

For yourself – A little bit of gold perhaps!? I’m really into zodiac and birthstones lately and saw this necklace and fell in love! Definitely a little splurge but if hubby is looking for a gift, drop a hint! Dainty and feminine, it’s a perfect every day wear! – $275.00

For yourself or someone dear – Still on the jewelry train with this one, and also on the birthstone kick! Recently got to go to the Kendra Scott flagship store in Austin, which is stunning, and saw these there and honestly, would have bought them all! Her stuff stands up to daily wear, and looks great! The colors were so vibrant that even if you bought one that wasn’t someone’s or your actually birthstone, it’d still be a great piece to wear! $50-$60, depending on color choice

For the new mom! – Have someone that just had a little one? This is a great option for them because let’s be real, they are probably living in comfy clothes and walking around like zombies, they might as well look darn chic while doing so! This PJ set is soo comfy and gotta love the print! $159.00

New take on the standard bouquet – Flowers are just ridiculously marked up on Valentine’s Day. I even gave my boyfriend a no flowers for V-day rule since it’s just ridiculous to spend that much money on something that will die in a couple of days. Better option? Rose scented candles! I LOVE a good Diptyque candle, the orange blossom scent in my absolute favorite! But how adorable are these rose candles?? Will last way longer than the blooms in the vase! $72

For the Makeup Obsessed – Something about a red lip that’s always sultry. It can be to find a good red lip for my skin tone and hair color, but this kit is made to enhance multiple shades and tones and will give most gals the va-va voom pout ready for kissing! $25

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