Wasting Away in Delray…Beach…

This past weekend we traveled to Florida to witness two of our friends say I do. And it was a much needed break from our every day craziness. When we got the invite for this particular event few months back, I started looking for a dress immediately. Figured, a beach wedding in the fall, would be easy to dress for. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. While the weather in FL is still in the 80s and screaming summer to us folks from the north, it is still fall and ya’ll know how much I am obsessed with dressing for autumn! So my dilemma began. How to be beachy yet fally all at the same time.

After buy a few dresses, returning them all and starting to panic a week before we were set to leave, I decided to do something I have never done before. I rented a dress. Rent the Runway has been around for so many years but I have always been scared to try it out. I end up altering almost every dress I buy since there’s usually one thing that never is right. Whether a strap is too loose or the length is too long, something is always off. I know many ladies that have had luck with the service so in a moment of desperation I signed up and started searching. The filter on the site is great and helped me narrow down a subset of dressed that not only would work for the event but also the location. I was shocked to see the type of variety the site had and the endless amount of options. I found a couple dresses I loved and what I found most helpful were the reviews! Many included pictures and really helped determine which dressed I ended up renting by looking at those with similar body types.

I did an 8 day rental, chose two sizes, and since it was my first order I was allowed a third backup rental as well. Three dressed and I paid just around $50 dollars. I was supposed to receive my rental the day before we flew out and panic again started to set in. What if the dresses didn’t come in?! But the tracking number was sent my way and I literally met the delivery man on the front step with my dresses. They came packaged immaculately in a cloth garment bag that was compact and perfectly packed. I immediately tore it open and was impressed with the quality of the dresses and how clean they were. For an item that has probably been worn a bunch of times the dress I opened first was in great condition. I zipped into the dress and it was perfect! The fit, the style, everything I wanted in a dress and more. Super duper shocked.  Now I’m sure this isn’t always the case. Actually, my third back up dress was a big fat no. Just didn’t work for my body type but a beautiful dress regardless.

We were leaving in the morning and my dress was the last thing into my suitcase. It traveled well and was, in my opinion, the best choice for the wedding! Comfortable, chic and a fraction of the price if I were to buy it full price – it was perfect!! The return process was just as smooth. Simply put all the dresses back into the garment bag, attach the return label that was provided and with just a quick drive to my local UPS Store, off the dress went! Easy peasy. I am already looking for an excuse to use the service again very soon and am also leaning towards trying their new wardrobe offering of clothing you can rent every month to have a wardrobe that’s always up to date for what seems like pennies in comparison to what it’d cost you to buy all the pieces on your own!


(DRESS: Rent The Runway / SHOES: ASOS / EARRINGS: LOCAL BOUTIQUE – SIMILAR HERE/ BAG: MARC JACOBS (OLD) – SIMILAR HERE – Mine is also a crossbody but I take the strap off and use as an evening clutch)



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