Well Dressed Cocktails – Rose Gaarden

Fröhliches Oktoberfest! Happy Oktoberfest!!! Boy do I wish I was actually in Germany celebrating, maybe one day as it’s been a bucket list item for a while now!  But we can still party it up here at home just throw on your lederhosen and enjoy a good beer! Except if you are like me, beer just isn’t your thing.  I just don’t enjoy the taste as much as others do and honestly couldn’t tell you anything about what makes a beer good or not.  I don’t know if it’s hoppy or the difference between an ale or a lager.  But craft beers and micro breweries seem to be popping up all over the place and are the new cool thing, so I figured I’d try to find some type of beer that I can enjoy and I think I’ve done it! Now some may argue that it’s not really a beer drink, because it’s fruity, but it is at least a good starting point to ease me into the more intense beer flavors.  I was inspired by a drink that used to be served at the restaurant chain – Yard House, called the Rose Gaarden.  It was a mix of Framboise (a raspberry beer) and Hoegaarden (a Belgian wheat beer).  I love a sweet cocktail, so this was perfect for my sweet tooth.  The raspberry flavors in the Framboise are sweet and tart and cut the bitterness of the Hoegaarden beer perfectly. It’s a gorgeous deep color and goes down smoothly.  I could drink a few of these and be happily rosy in the cheeks all while not feeling completely bloated.  Would be a great addition to your Oktoberfest themed parties I’m sure many of you will be having this month, and can easily be made while enjoying some Sunday football! I’m off to go finish the rest of this batch and hoping you give this recipe a whirl.  I think you’ll be surprised at how tasty this combo really is.

Recipe: Mix equal parts of Hoegaarden beer and Lambic Framboise. THEN DRINK! Cheers!




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