Well Dressed Cocktails – Ruby Paloma

As you’ve read in a few posts back, we recently took a trip to Austin, TX. While there we ran into a local bar on 6th Street to listen to some live music. The music was incredible, seriously these guys were amazing. But what actually surprised us were the drinks! I personally, especially on vacation, tend to go with some fruity cocktail that has 100 things, because I know I won’t ever make that kind of drink at home, and even if I did, it’d never taste the same. But this bar was just your down home local joint that didn’t have a drink menu, so I asked the bartender to surprise me. I think he was more surprised that I said that, as it was clear it was a vodka/soda, or beer type establishment. But what he handed me actually did surprise me. I took a sip and the tart and sweet yumminess was delicious! I immediately asked what it was and he told me vodka soda. At which I must have looked very confused, and then he gave me the real scoop! He made me an Eddy’s Ruby Red Vodka soda. Deep Eddy’s is a local vodka made right in Austin that comes in a few different flavors! Now I’m not a big flavored vodka fan either, but we also told me that this is actually flavored with REAL FRUIT and not some artificial flavoring. It was soo good, that by the end of the evening our entire group was knocking them back. When we came home I had to go get some to have in the house and then started to mess around with a few other cocktails using this yummy vodka. And that’s how this drink was born! I behold, the Ruby Paloma! Fruity, light and a kick from not only the vodka but from a little bit of tequila too! It’s basically a party in a cup. Try it out and let me know if you become totally obsessed with this grapefruit vodka! I’m stocked up and ready for a good time!


2 ounces Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka
1 ounce silver tequila (100% agave preferred)
2 ounces lemon-lime soda
2 ounces club soda


Add all of the ingredients to a shaker that’s been filled with ice. Give it a good few shakes and serve in a chilled glass with a lime. A salt rim gives this drink a nice look and added hit of flavor!

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