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Welcome to Well Dressed Coffee Talk! This is a new addition to the blog which you’ve probably guessed, is a separate forum for product and book reviews, a place to share what I have on my mind and just anything other than fashion and food.  It’s a great opportunity to share a different side of myself with my readers and hopefully stir up some conversation offline as well.  If there’s anything you all want me to discuss or review, just let me know! I’ll be happy to do the hard work so you all don’t have to!  First up – a book review! (Yes, I read…sometimes..very rarely…don’t judge me)


I’ll admit, I never read Devil Wears Prada, but you can bet your hinny that I can recite to you the entire movie (accents included).  When I saw that Lauren Weisberger wrote a new book, titled, When Life Hands you Lululemons, (basically the continuation of A Devil Wears Prada) I knew I had to read it! I’m not a reader by any means, an occasional trashy novel on vacation is as good as it gets. But as I start to enjoy the simpler things in life (aka I just built a house, I am too poor to do anything adventurous or exciting) reading a book has actually become rather enjoyable.

So what did I think of the book? It was cute! Take it for what it is, it’s not Shakespeare, it’s not going to make you question the meaning of life, or help you be a better person (well, maybe).  If you need a book just to simply escape the stresses of life, where you laugh, you cry, you cringe and can for the most part relate to the characters in some way (book is based a lot in CT and NYC) then this is definitely for you. I kept reading it as if I were Anne Hathoway in the movie and it was great.  Granted it did have it’s moments where I was like, seriously, did you really just write that into this book? But it’s fiction and should be read with a lighthearted approach.  Perfect beach read or companion on the plane.



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