It’s no secret that I love to shop. And so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I have certain few staple stores that I turn to for the majority of my wardrobe.  Some may surprise you but some are on every fashionista’s list.  Maybe you haven’t heard of them all, so here’s to adding a new place to shop!

This spotlight is dedicated to one of my all-time favorite stores – ASOS.  It’s a cross between Nordstrom and H&M.  And the best part – if you opt into their premiere program, for $19.99/year, you get 2 day shipping.  It’s basically Amazon Prime for clothes! Can a girl that never has anything to wear and needs something for Saturday night ask for anything more!?!?!?

But honestly, this store has it all, from the most basic items to ball gown, active wear to suits for work, and even several designer labels that will have you prepared for anything.  The prices vary, but on average a top runs around $40 bucks and pants can run from $35-125. I also adore their swimwear.  They have a ton of mix and match pieces, as well as those for fuller busted ladies that are based on your bra size.  Now the store is based out of London, so the sizes can be a bit tricky.  Utilize the size guide and get to know your materials! Polyester tends to have some give to it, over cotton which may stretch out after wearing but can be a battle to get on if the size is not right.  They offer really great descriptions on fit, whether relaxed or loose so you can gauge from that as well.

BUT, what I think is the absolute BEST feature of the site, is the runway view.  They actually have videos of the models IN the clothes walking down a runway for you to see how it fits, moves etc. It has opened my eyes to many things that have swayed my decision, such as realizing something was actually a crop top or had an open back.

Most websites have a few pictures of each item, but what we don’t see are the 20 pins holding the shirt JUST right in each picture so a shirt looks fitted when it’s really the size of a black garbage bag. Or ever wonder why the models always have their hands on their hips, or arms crossed? Yup, that’s to make the shirt look a different way, or to fit better and be more appealing to the buyer. With the runway video feature, what you see is what you get. Now granted a top will look vastly different on a 5’11” size 0 model then it would on most people, but at least you can see the garment for what it is. I did just that when purchasing the below pants. Checked the material in the product description and watched the video a few times to check if the pants were sheer is any way, pockets visible and just how high up the waist fell in the back.  For $35 bucks I can say I am VERY happy with my purchase.




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