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**Long post alert – But there’s lots of good info so keep reading! Please?!?**

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Spent the day Saturday celebrating my niece’s 3rd birthday. Still can’t believe she’s so big! But let me be honest and say I probably enjoyed a few too many party foods this weekend and really need to get back on track. Keeping things on point food and gym wise this week, which inspired me to share with you all a bit more on my fitness routine.

For almost a decade now (that’s so creepy to see written down) I’ve been quite the gym rat.  I hit my heaviest weight right out of college when I got my first desk job where all I did for 13+ hours a day was sit. Oh and EAT. Finally fed up with how I felt and looked, I hit the gym, changed how I ate and have been trying to keep up a relatively healthy lifestyle ever since. Now don’t get me wrong, I can eat my fair share of fries, pizza and froyo (Just ask our local 16 Handles, my 20+oz treats are pretty famous), but I try to workout at least 5 days a week and leave myself one day where I enjoy some tasty treats. It’s all about balance. I get asked a lot of questions on what my typical week looks like in terms of the gym so thought I’d share with you all what I do and more importantly what I wear while doing it! Though, looking cute isn’t my main focus in the gym (just ask my boyfriend he makes fun of what I wear to work out all the time) it is essential to wear the right gear to help get the best work out you can. Oh and to ensure the guy behind you on the squat rack can’t see what undies you decided to wear that day, if you decided to wear any at all ;-).

My workouts get broken up into two forms, strength and cardio.  I actually have a strength training plan written up for me and my specific goals by my trainer, Ed, the owner of The Zone Strength & Fitness.  If you are in the lower Westchester area check him out! It’s a 3 day plan that I get to do on my own at my local gym when convenient for me, or right along Ed and his other clients when I need a bit more guidance.  Now weight/strength training is relatively new to me, as I was a cardio bunny for YEARS, but it’s where I’ve seen the most change happen. Yes, it’s hard and if I’m being honest, I feel pretty beastly sometimes throwing around hundreds of pounds of steel, but it always feels good at the end! My program consists a lot of compound moves like squats and deadlifts so you know what that means! I need some good, non-sheer, sweat-proof leggings! Now I am NOT a fan of lulu lemon, only for the fact that I cannot come to spend that much money on something I’m sweating in. Just can’t do it! So I tend to go on the cheap side of athletic gear.  My absolute favorite leggings for all my works outs are these bad boys! (AM wearing them in these photos) Stretchy, high waisted and not sheer in ANY way. These hold me in while making it easy to perform a Romanian Deadlift or downward dog.  They wash well and I now own at least 12 pairs. They are my go to even on the weekends when I’m just running errands. They are so comfy!

I typically pair these with a looser top if I am lifting –these super soft tees that feel like BUTTA! So amazing and again wash and dry perfectly without losing their shape! Also a big fan of these Under Armour tops, but typically only buy them from the outlet store or Amazon if I see a good deal.

I also just recently tried Zella active wear, a brand people swear by, and the material of this tank I am wearing is unreal! It’s like wearing PJs in the gym! I found some other tops by the same brand at Nordstrom rack as they can get a little pricey, and again, if all I’m going to be doing is wiping my sweaty face on it, I’m not spending more than 20 bucks for it!

On the other 3 days of my workout routine I stick to some form of HIIT Cardio. I recently tried Orange Theory and am OBSESSED. It’s a mix of straight running, rowing, and lighter weights and it’s always changing. I get bored really easily so I love that it’s never the same workout.  You are doing burpees and jump squats during these workouts so you don’t want things flapping around, so I tend to keep the compression going on the top and the bottom. Love these Old Navy tanks and tees! Super cheap (especially when you catch a sale, which is usually always at ON), but still very well made and they keep you cool and stylish running at your push pace!

Now let’s talk about one more workout necessity – SHOES.  I never realized there were so many different types of gym shoes and how essential they were to enhancing your workout.  Not all sneakers are the same ladies!! I have learned that each have their place and you need to know the difference! So if I am going to spend some extra bucks on gym gear, it’s going to be on my shoes!

For my weight training, I like to wear flatter stiffer shoes, as you need a solid base to push into when pulling or pushing something heavy.  Lots of sneakers now have curved soles or cushioned insoles which are better for cardio based workout, or just day to day wear.  Here are the sneakers I prefer for both lifting and cardio.

Now that you know what to wear to work out, it should be a lot easier hit the gym right!? Hopefully these cute gym clothes have inspired you just a weeeee bit so that you can get up and get moving towards a better, healthier you!


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