Worth the Hype? – An Honest Review of the Beloved Spanx Leggings

I waited, waited and waited some more for these leggings to come back in stock. Waited even longer for them to be part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale. But after what felt like forever, I finally got me hands on the famous faux leather SPANX leggings. These so called miracle pants are supposed to be amazing. Sucking you in where you need it, slimming your thighs, and lifting your behind back to where it was once upon a time.  I figured I’d give you all my honest opinion if these $100 leggings were really worth the hype all those other bloggers are spewing.

First off, I hate SPANX in general. I own them of course, because well it would be sacrilegious if I didn’t according to the world wide fashion community. I’m not sure who these actually work for. It is basically a sport to get into them, and when finished I’m completely soaked in sweat and the last thing I’d want to do is then get into a slinky or form fitting dress. But we’ve been conditioned to think we’ll look super amazing if we put in the effort and wear these bad boys.

Given that, the material of these leggings was thinner than the actual undergear, so I was hopeful in that they’d be more comfortable than the gut suckers.  And just for the record, if someone tells you that wearing SPANX is like wearing nothing and they love them, they are straight up lying, de-friend them immediately, you don’t need that kind of crazy in your life. Anyway, I digress.

I have legs, muscular, not at all slender legs.  My calves never get into boots and my thighs save those loose kernels of popcorn and M&Ms all the time. (No thigh gap here!) Leggings are typically not something I wear unless heading to the gym. Again, I am just trying to branch out here on the style spectrum and see what the hype was all about.  So let’s get down to it.

These darn things were hard to get on! Just like the undergarments, these were super tight and I nearly fell over trying to get my ankles in.  I managed to wiggle and jump my way fully into them and looked in the mirror. Ass – while fairly rounded, wasn’t any higher than before.  Thighs – NOT slimmed, felt like I was totally exposed as the material stretched out a bit and became very thin.  Overall feel of the material was weird.  It was bumpy where it was stretched out more (thighs and calves) and looked like an old cracked leather belt. Not really a look I was going for..  I wore them around for a bit, and while my dog, Lilly, couldn’t help but love me while in them, I felt super weird and couldn’t wait to take them off.  I’d much rather be in black skinny jeans or my workout pants that I love.  Maybe I am in the minority for hating these leggings, but I figured I’d share with you what I really thought so you could compare my review to others and make the best decision you can on spending the money on these.  I’ll probably keep them (um well I have to, darn tag flew off of them while trying to pull them on – go figure) and maybe give them another whirl as an under-layer during the super cold winter months.

I’m off to go look for a different faux leather pant for the season!


PS – Can we look at my baby girl nailing the “look off into the distance blogger pose? Mama’s gonna have to take some notes.


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